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It doesn’t matter if it is rational or spiritual

Many people find scripture reading tedious and illogical. They simply cannot understand the meanings of the verses. They are often confronted with scriptures that contain myths and make illogical statements. They are meant to bring religion from those who believe in the reality of God. They are packed full of glory of God. This is usually defined in the form poetry and miracles. They could also contain teachings that go against common sense and logic. For example, the statement of Christ anywhere he speaks is the strongest verse in Bible. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on healing ceremony

“But I say, to you personally: Do not resist an evil individual; but whoever slaps your right cheek, transform that person to him also” (Matthew five, 39).

Every reasonable person will question the authenticity of Jesus’s statement. Based on an alternative policy, the many regulations and regulations of civil culture are made. Eye for eye. Every society punishes the evildoer with at least the same amount of good as the individual. It seems very reasonable. Despite this, there is no other assertion that is as non-secular as the one made by Jesus. You can argue that if evil is not resistible, it could destroy the whole earth and exterminate all outstanding persons, thus creating the rule of the evil. Every rational person seems to think that the plan of turning the other side is a recipe for disaster. Yet, this one statement represents the spirit of Bible & Jesus.

While we might not be able or able to obey the Jesus sermon, many people believe it to be true. This one sermon make religion in men and God whose purpose we don’t know, Kahlil gibran, the well-known Sufi poet, rightly explained

Faith is the knowledge that lies within the heart of the person, above and beyond evidence.

This basically distinguishes logic and religion which deal with our rational or spiritual selves. You can prove just about anything. However, faith lies outside the realms of logic and proof.

Gita Essence

Everybody has been taught that everything can be done with just an intention and a reason. Science can also be described as the ability to recognize the relationships between the trigger and the result. Every person who is logical knows the significance of aiming to attain the desired objective. The goal of every individual, corporate and stateman is to plan the best way to accomplish their purpose. It is impossible to do anything unless you have the intention of achieving your goal. You can’t start your journey until you know your destination.

Gita, the most revered guide to Hinduism, asks people for selfless action. Gita 2 :47 he states that to be able to take action without a lack of fruit, you will need to do so. Hinduism considers the selfless movement trail so essential that salvation can be attained by only following it in one’s lifetime. While this statement seems absurd to an average person, it is so vital that Mahatma Buddha continues to call Gita “The Gospel of Selfless Action”.

Gita’s entire teaching can be summarized in one word: Selfless action. However, many people realize that it’s impossible to adhere to the path to selfless motion. All actions should be taken with a reason.

Is there any more absurd verse than asking people not to consider the consequences of their actions?

The truth is not proof-based

While we might argue that the statements aren’t logical, we are also aware that they are accurate. These statements represent the unchanging fact of the universe. It is usually an omen that people have not abandoned religion on these statements even after thousands of years is a proof of their reality. Time magazine chose Gandhi to be the man or women with the greatest achievements of the 20th century, but not because he adhered to the 20 th Century (so called) logic concepts of capitalism socialism and imperialism, but due to his plan of nonviolence, which is many years old. Buddha had the exact same plan for people to live happy lives long before Christ.

We instinctually know that the earth can’t exist if it follows the opposite trail. Gandhi stated that if your Earth follows the plan of an eye for an eye, then the whole world will become blind. Also, the whole world will be destroyed if people do everything just for their selfish ends. It could be our natural need to act selflessly that binds the people with this whole world. Even though we believe these eternal truths to be true, we can’t establish them. These truths can be regarded as religion, even if they are devoid of any reason.