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What You Should Know Before Hiring A Painter

There are many options for consumers when choosing a One Man and a Brush Woodstock Painter. You can use this list to decide on the right painting contractor. Best of luck! !

1. Could you tell me a little about yourself and the painting business? A painting contractor’s expertise in painting, his/her years of experience, their references, etc. should all be discussed. Explaining should be clear and simple. The explanations should be tailored to meet your specific needs.

2. Are you able to maintain a steady work force? What is the average length of time that your employees have been with you? Your employees are full-time painters. What is the level of training you provide in safety, regulations, and environment issues, as well as your latest painting techniques? Please tell me more about your employees. How long have you been a professional painter? Is your work force stable or is it constantly changing? Detail your quality assurance, training and supervision standards. Experience counts, even if the best painter is not on site.

3. Do you have a specialization? Are you residential, commercial or institutional? What are the main areas of focus for your contractor? Residential painting is a common painting project for some painting companies. These homeowners want to paint their homes in the most beautiful way possible. Some commercial customers choose their contractor because of the quality and timeliness of their work. They also want someone who can do the job the right way the first-time.

4. What is your process of work? The consumer wants a painter who will take great care to provide the best possible painting in every aspect. The painting professional must conduct a detailed analysis of a customer’s painting needs. They should also perform the most meticulous surface preparation and use the best available techniques.

5. Are you able to give references? The contractor you hire should have a long list of past and current clients. They should be able provide a number of house painting references, broken down into street names, neighborhoods, and towns. They should have a website that includes local references, as well as an online portfolio.

6. Can you show me your documentation for licenses and certificates? Many states require painting contractors to be licensed by their respective state. Any potential customer should have no problem receiving a certified copy of the contractor’s registration. Contacting the Department of Consumer Protection to confirm registration details is also a good idea.

7. Is your insurance agent going to give me a Certificate? A proof of complete insurance, which includes Workers Compensation, Liability and Auto, for each employee is a must. Upon request, the contractor’s agent should provide a certificate of insurance.

8. Is your firm EPA Lead Safe Certified? Federal Law allows only EPA Lead Safe Certified companies to undertake renovations on houses built prior 1978. The contractor you choose should be EPA Lead Safe Certified and have received all the training required. All employees must be certified as renovators according to Federal requirements. A contractor must be able display an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Logo.

9. Which paint companies do you work with? Paint contractors should only use the highest quality products made by the leading paint producers in the world. Benjamin Moore Glidden Professional Sherwin Willams and other paint manufacturers work together with professional painting contractors to provide the contractor the ability to choose the right coating. Professional painters should have enough knowledge to custom-tailor products for their clients.

10. How can I tell that you are the best painting contractor for me? An experienced painting contractor should explain how they differ from their competitors. It is important to discuss in detail the quality of paints used by premium manufacturers and how paints are applied according to specifications. Also, it’s essential that painters have been properly trained and equipped and treat customer property with respect. Customers should receive a range of details to help them make informed decisions about quality, price, and workmanship.